best love quotes

    • None of the guys is worth your single drop of tears, and when you find one who is , he will not let you shed a single drop of tear.
    • We argue a lot, we don’t talk for long ,we even break up ,but atlast we are always together ,,it might be love.
    • Everyone said Love happens once,& I believed the same ,but our heart broke again we fell in love again the same heart break ,but still we didn’t give up ,cause even a whole life time is also very less for love.
    • If you really love someone then have this much courage to go and tell them  because hearts are often broken by keeping things unspoken.
  • Love is like a wild rose , beautiful and calm but willing to draw blood in its defence.
  • The minute you think of giving up, then think of the reason of falling in Love with him.
  • If you press me to say why I love him so much , then I can say nothing than  because he was he and I was I.
  • Love isn’t blind its retarded.
  • Its so easy to fall in Love , but really difficult to find someone who will catch you.
  • Sparkle in your eyes put the stars to shame.
  • A moment of hesitation, may cause you lifetime of regrets.
  • Knowing that someone is wrong for you , doesn’t change the way you feel.

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