How to write love letter to your beloved?

Do you know something, in humans creation one of the most wonderful creation is alphabet ,word ,language .Through which a person could express their feeling to others . Other could know what are you feeling what are you trying to say what you are thinking about them …Through which we can write and pore our feelings … In other words we  say Love Letters .The most wonderful gift to your beloved once can be a sweet love letter written by your hand ,,,you might be thinking their are so many new techniques to pass your message like by text or by email why should we write with our hand .Then in my opinion the hand written letters are more effective ,imotional and heart touching to your beloved.In ancient days aswell people  used to write love letters and pass their message through pigeons or any messenger they had to face lots of problems to gain their love  . But still Love never dies problems and bad time makes Love more strong .Love letters has always been effective to increase your love in you and in your Lover.

But their is another problem as well which you must be thinking of how to write a letter . What to write in it .But friends dont take it as an exam just close your eyes think of your beloved once think of all the good and funny memories which you have shared with them and pore all your love in the paper. On top of that you have some tips below as well .

  • First of all you should always remember it should be original as you are not like some article . Because if your lovers love is true for you and if they really love only you, without any reason then they will surely  like to read your true love letter not any fake once because people who knows you what you are then they can judge your letter as well if you are writing by heart or not. And always remember it should be always hand written not any printed or copied.
  • If you can then try to use any decorative letter pad cause it adds some feeling to your letter too. Your beloved once will try to keep that letter for long . they will not just read and throw it away . But decorative doesnt mean too much pictures that your word dont have any meaning on it.
  • Always the written words on letter should come from your heart not that you take help of your friend cause you are in love not your friend . Put your fellings it should be genuine ,warm and which should be expressing your feeling that how you feel about them.
  • As possible try to use a black pen not any coloured blue, green, red pen because it looks formal like business letters
  • Put the date so that your beloved will treasure your letter till their old age and remember the days which will bring smile to their face.
  • Dont try to be too casual either formal always try to maintain balance in your tone show respect as well as love.
  • Put effort in your letter like putting some craft which will show your beloved their importance in your life. Sound confidence while expressing your feeling ,love or your dream to your beloved and show them your dream you both happy together forever.
  • Express your gratitute and express him or her how lucky you are to have them in your life.
  • Declare that your love for them will increase every passing moment and you will be by their side no matter what comes in your life.
  • Donot write too much which will sound fake and too show off .Try to sound simple down to the earth and original.
  • Always conclude your letter with positive points , which will increase their will power too for loving you.
  • Try to decorate your letter with signs ,heart , glitter and try to spray your beloved favourite perfume on it.
  • Atlast fold it neatly and put it in an envelope and write names beautifully.


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