love story of two best friends….

Have you ever felt what love is ,,,how it feels like ,,in top of that if it’s with your own best friend??

if YES then you will understand this love story,,,if NO then u will know how it feels like ….

its a story about a GIRL and a BOY ….. years they have been together as friends sharing all there problems, happiness ,

feelings…….           whatever came in there life they shared it with each other as the time passed they came so close that there was no space for anybody else to step in there life …..

they loved each others company they liked spending time with each other ,,,,,, they knew each other so well which there parents didnt know about them so well….

they could talk for hours on the phone and text for days

when they were together not a single sad thoughts could cross there mind ,,,,everything went on so well,,,perfect,,,

they were so happy ……

Till one day…..

The boy didn’t answere any call of the girl ,,,,and ,,,didn’t reply any message

girl was so worried she knew something was wrong ,,,,the whole night she couldnt sleep ,,,she kept crying…. then she realised how special the boy was to her,,  how much he means to her,,,how much she missed him,,

next morning she woke up by a phone call….

It was the boy…

boy:  hey

girl:  hi !!what happened with you yesterday???? is every thing allright ???do you know how much i was worried about you ?? she spoke in one breath as she picked up the phone …

boy: oh!! ya i was busy…

girl understood there was something wrong but couldn’t ask….

boy: you know we should stop talking….

girl: what?? but why???!!!

boy:  i am sorry ,,,, bye…!!!!

( it was like a big thrash on her face )

every thing  just  flashed in her memory she remembered every single moment she spent with him …

and tears bursted out from her eyes …. whole world turned dark to her ….

she couldn,t understand why she felt so lonely empty and sad …

she was broken in pieces inside her…..

boys words were pounding  in her head ……her heart wanted to jump out……

there was just a big ,,,,WHY????,,,,,in her mind

she screamed at the top her voice…..

atlast gathering whole her courage she decided to give a last try to bring him back to her

she called him ….and he picked up…

she her whole heart in front of him as an open book,,,,,,,,, she told him how much she loved him ,, how much he meant to her..


and the boy kept the phone..

her heart were in pieces ,,,she thought he  really didnt cared about her,,,

he wasn’t even his friend on the first place,,,,

she tried hard ,,,not to bother about him ,,,tried to forget him but tears were not stopping from her eyes ,,,

there was just one question why was he doing something like that  to her???

depressed !!! she left the house leaving a small note for her mom….

5 hours later

there was a ring in the boys room ,,,,he picked it up it was girls mom

she said girl was in hospital she had a car accident…

boy rushed to the hospital ,,,,there was the girl in front of her injured …

he sat beside her took her hand in his hand ,,,,gently girl opened her eyes ….

she called his name and asked her why did he do so to her,,,,,

he regreted for his mistake ,,,,actually  he was a heart patient and had to go out

for his surgery and had risk in his operation so he didn’t wanted the girl to be hurt ….

boy said : but i promise i will not let this happen again i promise you get better and i will make it all up

girl was just looking at her and tears rolled down her cheeks…

girl: i am sorry i couldn’t get better

boy: no please do say so


girl took a long breath ,,,,,her last breath ……

and slowly her eyes closed for ever …..

boy couldn’t forgive himself  after 10 minutes even the boy died beside her with a heart attack …..

both their life came to an end without experiencing there special love for each other….

If you love someone don’t hold back your feelings ….

if somebody loves you just respect it  dont take it as a joke .

you don’t know when it happens and with whom it will happen ….

it is blessed….


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