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beautiful love quotes for you

  1. The best thing about me is you.

    I’m jealous of the people you ever hugged, because for a moment they hold my world.

  2. Grow old along with me , the best is yet to be.-Robert Browning.
  3. We need not think alike to Love alike.-Francis David.
  4. If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I could walk in a garden forever.- Alfred Lord Tennyson.
  5. For you see, each day I Love you more .Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.-Rosemonde Gerard
  6. Love me when I least deserve it ,because that is when I really need it.- Swedish Proverb.
  7. I am in Love of everything I see in you .-unknown.
  8. So , I Love You because entire universe the entire universe conspired to help me find you .-Paulo Coelho.
  9. Come live in my heart and pay no rent.-Samuel Lover.
  10. I found that someone I can finally call mine . That someone is you.-Kaitlyn Santosmejia. Continue reading

best love quotes

  • None of the guys is worth your single drop of tears, and when you find one who is , he will not let you shed a single drop of tear.
  • We argue a lot, we don’t talk for long ,we even break up ,but atlast we are always together ,,it might be love.
  • Everyone said Love happens once,& I believed the same ,but our heart broke again we fell in love again the same heart break ,but still we didn’t give up ,cause even a whole life time is also very less for love.
  • If you really love someone then have this much courage to go and tell them  because hearts are often broken by keeping things unspoken.
  • Love is like a wild rose , beautiful and calm but willing to draw blood in its defence. Continue reading

The blind Love


Its a short story about a girl and a boy, they were so happy with each other . The boy loved her so much that he never left her alone in every step he was beside her , but unfortunately the girl didn’t have her eyesight . She couldn’t see anything , she couldn’t see her boyfriend , the person who loved her the most in this world.

The boy used to propose her for the marriage and she used to always say she would be a burden on him, she wanted to marry him but if she had eyes.

One day they got a good news from hospital , that some one wants to donate their eyes to the girl. They were very happy at the moment that she could see her love for the first time.

The operation was successful , when she saw her boyfriend she was shocked , that he was blind as well . Now again the boy proposed her for marriage . But the girl refused this time too , saying I have eyes but u don’t still it wouldn’t work out.

The guy got broken from inside . He left that place forever leaving a note for her.saying

It doesn’t matter if you love me or not, cause I love you for ever. It doesn’t matter you want to see me or not , but I can see you for ever. I just want to say , I Love You a lot and always want u to take care of yourself ,and the eyes which is now yours.   I will be  always be seeing you through your eyes if you get hurt remember it will hurt me so love yourself if you have loved me ever.

Reading this note she ran to his house , but it was too late he was gone forever.

A girls feeling for him…

You know she loves you she can do any thing for you ,,

you are on her keyring in her pocket

She would take a bullet ,,just to be with you

you make her feel like a princess

its that first kiss that makes it so special..

she wants you to love her like no other

She thinks she is in Love..

She thinks she is in Love ,,,Yet she knows she is…

You are the key to her heart..

and you are in her keyring in her pocket.. <3<3<3


Just a girl

that all she can be

He gave her 12 roses 11 real and 1 fake ,,,

then  he told her he would love her till the last one dies…

Trues love is born of songs and promises and the kind of music only two heart can hear..

she loves you more than her heart can express.

no words or gifts she gives could show you that…

she never forget the things you said..

she loves you more with each and every day.

she will remember every kiss from first till last..

Two hearts one love

She dont mess with her heart it will just hurt both of you ..

She listens for when he needs her most


Its hard to tell if you feel the same what she hope and pray you to do…

After breaking up ….</3  </3  </3

She will fake just one more smile for him

she pretends she is ok with it … but real she is not,,,

She crys in silence ,,but she knows they can hear her

she will keep on loving you

Trying hard to forget but dose seem not to happen

thinking why should she bother about him any more

thinking ,,maybe i was just meant to be alone

thinking she will never find another like him

hoping that the pain will go away soon

always talking to her heart

I know you dont love me so why am I even trying

She writes in her diary hoping no one will see bottling her feelings up

she knows she is waiting for the one she will never find

saying to herself she will never love again

“Loved you once ,,Love you still,,always have always will

she loved him then and still dose

dont make someone your everything cause when they are gone you have nothing

she  made him her everything and now she has nothing

True Love is a fairytale

thinking he was to0 good to be true

plastic smile real tears is too hard..

she smile to hide it from world but she knows it arent working

she says i am gonna smile like nothing is wrong talk like everything is perfect act like its just a dream and pretend its not hurting me

she wishes she could say you are an old boyfriend but she cant forget you…

how much it hurt her you will understand when you will have to face the same..

A sweet love..

A girl asked a guy if she was pretty ?? He said No..

She asked him if he wanted her ?? He again said No

She asked if she leaves if he is going to cry?? He said No

She turned to leave.

He quickly grabed her arms and said

You’re not pretty you’re beautiful.

And I don’t want you ..I need you .

I wouldn’t cry if you left I’d die.

No man or woman is worth your tears and the one who is will never make you cry.