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Love message to the beloved once

I didn’t knew you . You were one of my other friends. But when I knew you, I tried to stop my heart a lot but couldn’t help, it just went on falling for you. Now when I am in Love with you .I Love you more than anything I have ever imagined. I just wanted to let you know that I never want to let you  go.

Sometimes I keep thinking of how much I really Love you. Then I remember how much I love talking to you . But unfortunate me that you get bored listening to me. I think how good you look when you smile so I just keeping looking at you without making you notice.But my bad luck I rarely see you smiling these days.I Love the way you laugh though my friends finds it funny. But my heart feels so happy when you laugh openly ,I feel it really sweet.I keep daydreaming about you off and on replaying the pieces of our conversation , actually which are really in bits and pieces cause you are too busy in your work . Its funny but when you are in my mind , there is always a big smile in face .

Now when we are together I sometimes feel afraid of losing you. but the next moment I LOVE YOU so much that I cherish every moments I have with you. That I don’t care about future.

So dear, when I say’ I LOVE YOU’ I really mean it from my heart and would like you to believe it . It’s truly from my heart, this heart would have been more happy if it would have happened the same from you. for ever. And atlast when I say goodbye. Promise me you won’t cry . Cause the day I have to say that will be the day ” I will die”.

who loses more in love ??

One thing which a person should always remember ,,,,how much ur partner loved you and will you get the same love and care by some one else …

When I lost you,,,both of us lose…

Me because you were the one whom I loved the most.

You because I was the one who loved you the most.

But from both of us you are the one who lost the most .

Cause I can give other same Love as I Loved you .

But no one will be able to Love you as I did.


So never take your Love for granted cause blesses can be taken away.

sad feelings about love

falling in Love only hurts you if there is no one to catch you .


I’m proud of my heart , it had been played, stabbed, cheated,broken, and burned, but somehow its still working.

I wish I had enough guts to walk away from what ever we had, but I know I cant cause I know you will never come after me , and that is what hurts a lot to this heart.

The hardest thing I have ever done in my life is pretending that I hate you ,,when I really Love you more than you can ever imagine.

what hurts more than losing you,,,,is knowing you are not fighting to keep me with you.

The hardest part of walking away from you,,is knowing you wont run after me.

I dont want to become a memory of your love I want to be future of your love.

You said you’d never let me go ,,,You lied.

how can somebody break your heart and tell he still love you..

I would do any thing for him ,,,he must know that.

She will chase you around for a while , but time will come when she will stop running in circle around you . She is going to get over you & at that very moment you’d wish if you had let her catch you .

The biggest mistake of my life  after so many heartaches was to,,,letting you hurt me thinking it was my mistake.

Love can feel like magic but sometime magic is an illusion

You don’t die from a broken heart, you only wish you did.

Love really hurts when one you think your world cant consider you as part of his life.

It hurts your heart when you see the one you love so much is happy with someone else, but its more painful to know that the one you love is really unhappy with you.

God has given us two hands,two eyes,two ears, but the most important thing he forgot to give is two heart which has to suffer a lot.

Its really amazing ,how someone can break your heart but you still cant help loving him,you still love him collecting all the little scattered peices.

If you are ashamed to introduce your girlfriend or boyfriend to your friends , never fall in love .

The worst feeling you ever feel is ,while sitting next to a person who means more than your life to you ,knowing that you mean nothing to them and they talking about some other person with you .

Even though they break your heart you never stop loving them ,its just that you learn trying to live without them.

When someone loves you and put all their heart on you ,you take it for granted  ,and when they are gone its just then you realise how much effort they had put to bring a smile to your face which you never bothered about.

never take love, as for granted because sometimes God can take away your blesses aswell .