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Story about love life and nature

true love story

A boy and a girl best friends ..

both with lots of love and care  for each other .Didn’t knew when their friendship changed into Love. But who knew this relationship also  didnt have enough time to last .

The girl gets sick , they got to know the girl had a tumor in her head .

girl was in a very critical situation. They consulted with the doctor and the doctor told them that their was only one chance if she had a surgery, but they were told she may forget every thing till that time. At that moment boy just thought of her life and agreed for the girls operation.

It was the day for the operation . Boy  impatiently, wondering here and there around the hospital. Finally the doctor comes out from the operation theater , and tells the boy that the girl is out of danger.

Thanking God, he takes a deep breath . Next day he comes to meet his beloved . But unfortunately she couldn’t remember any thing. She couldn’t remember the boy nor his love . Everything gets blank .She feels  herself like a blank paper with nothing in her mind. Time passed on everyone who were near started giving up . They all started to accept her as she was now.

The boy tries his best ,to remind her  the time they spent together . He takes her to each and every place where they were related to , introduces all of his and her friends . He tries to collect all the bits and pieces of their memories. Just to help her to remember her past . But nothing came in use . She cries , she couldn’t remember any thing . Continue reading

The blind Love


Its a short story about a girl and a boy, they were so happy with each other . The boy loved her so much that he never left her alone in every step he was beside her , but unfortunately the girl didn’t have her eyesight . She couldn’t see anything , she couldn’t see her boyfriend , the person who loved her the most in this world.

The boy used to propose her for the marriage and she used to always say she would be a burden on him, she wanted to marry him but if she had eyes.

One day they got a good news from hospital , that some one wants to donate their eyes to the girl. They were very happy at the moment that she could see her love for the first time.

The operation was successful , when she saw her boyfriend she was shocked , that he was blind as well . Now again the boy proposed her for marriage . But the girl refused this time too , saying I have eyes but u don’t still it wouldn’t work out.

The guy got broken from inside . He left that place forever leaving a note for her.saying

It doesn’t matter if you love me or not, cause I love you for ever. It doesn’t matter you want to see me or not , but I can see you for ever. I just want to say , I Love You a lot and always want u to take care of yourself ,and the eyes which is now yours.   I will be  always be seeing you through your eyes if you get hurt remember it will hurt me so love yourself if you have loved me ever.

Reading this note she ran to his house , but it was too late he was gone forever.

Love of God

Once a man went to a barber shop to have his hair cut . While having his haircut the barber and the man had some conversation about God , and the barber told the man that he doesn’t believe in God it doesn’t exist .The man asked the barber back , “why did he think so ? “,and the barber replied.If God would have really existed then their wouldn’t have been so much poverty around this world . Their wouldn’t be pain anywhere . Suffering should have been ended . So he didn’t believe in God . Then the man didn’t say anything to him, he finished and left the shop. Continue reading

Love story of best friends

It was his 10th grade

As he sat there in English class, he stared at the girl next to him. She was his so called  “best friend”. He stared at her long, silky hair, and wished she was his. But she didn’t notice him like that, and he knew that. After class, she walked up to him and asked him for the notes she had missed the day before and he handed them to her. She said “thanks” and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He wanted to tell her, he wants her to know that he don’t want to be just her friend, He love her but he’s just too shy, and he don’t know why.

Now they were in 11th grade Continue reading

sweet love story

While coming through so many love stories.

I came across another love story which really took my mind out of my control .

We always talk about beautiful couples in our life and expect the same in our life to happen .

But this is a short story of a couple where the husband was  good looking but unfortunately  he had already lost his eyesight and his wife who was really too ugly but both loved each other a lot . Wife who was the life for the man had never seen his wife face in his life and wife who was always their for her husband never complained about her husband . The only thing a person can see in their life was their  just Love . But one day they had a call from hospital that they had to rush to the hospital cause they had found a donor for the husbands eyes they were very happy the wife was happy cause now her husband could see the world from his eyes and the husband was happy cause he could see his beloved wife whom he had just felt till now .

Now husband in operation theater having surgery . But wife was nonstop crying , now she was crying on her faith and her looks, now when his husband could see her she was afraid if he’s gonna leave her cause of her bad looks . Time passed as seconds and the time had come when both were in front of each other as the husband opened his eyes he wished to see the most beautiful person of the world . And it was his wife he grabbed her hand and holded it tightly with all his love and told her she was the most beautiful lady of this world . The wife cried a lot and later they both returned home happily .

Its also true that beauty lies in the eyes but its true aswell LOVE always stays in heart ..