miss you quotes

One lesson I have learnt in life, no matter how hard we try we can’ win a persons love till dey love us from their heart

Yes I am smiling , but you are not the reason any more .

Fucche have a safe journey love u a lot n miss u a lotI believed each and every words of yours, but what a shame! you couldn’t even keep a single word of yours.

Now I know everything can be taught in this world , except Love , if you try to teach someone how to Love will give you, a lesson but can’t teach them a lesson of Love.

I placed my heart in front of you , but I think you were slightly blind , you thought it was a football ,so you played with it and kicked it away …

You were nobody to me before , unknowingly You came to become my biggest weakness ,I never noticed , slowly you left me all alone in tears , still it was unbelievable , but now I know it was for good cause I don’ t have any weakness any more .

God had created people  to be  loved  and things to be used , but unfortunately in today’s world people are being used and things are being loved .

In today’s world men has created so many religions n culture that they have forgotten the Gods most beautiful religion of humanities and culture of love .

Where there is love you don’t have to utter a word, every breath of yours speaks your heart.

They say where there is will there’s a way ,and I say if you had loved me you would have never gone away . www.naamsu.com

Someone has told , if a boy Loves a girl ,then girl doesn’t understand,if a girl Loves a boy then boy doesn’t understand ,& if both Loves each other then this world doesn’t understands.

Janu You are out of my sight but not out of my mind

When some one means so much to you then distance means so little to you.

The longest period of time is waiting for some one whom you really Love.

I don’t miss you , “You” alone , I miss you with me together.

The thought of being with you tomorrow gives me the strength to go on today.

I carry your heart with me , actually I carry it in my heart .

Don’t measure the distance measure my Love

Close together or far apart ,you are always there in my heart.

On a silent night when friends are few ,I close my eyes and think of you , a silent night, a silent tears, a silent wish that you were here,,,,miss you

The reasons it hurts to separate ,cause our heart is connected.

Time and distance don’t mean anything when I know we will hold each other again.

We are a perfect couple, it’s just that we are not in a perfect situation

I can’t touch you but still I can feel you all the time.

Love is the fastest network than mobile network to connect people.

I wish that world was a bit smaller ,that way , I would be closer to you .


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