The blind Love


Its a short story about a girl and a boy, they were so happy with each other . The boy loved her so much that he never left her alone in every step he was beside her , but unfortunately the girl didn’t have her eyesight . She couldn’t see anything , she couldn’t see her boyfriend , the person who loved her the most in this world.

The boy used to propose her for the marriage and she used to always say she would be a burden on him, she wanted to marry him but if she had eyes.

One day they got a good news from hospital , that some one wants to donate their eyes to the girl. They were very happy at the moment that she could see her love for the first time.

The operation was successful , when she saw her boyfriend she was shocked , that he was blind as well . Now again the boy proposed her for marriage . But the girl refused this time too , saying I have eyes but u don’t still it wouldn’t work out.

The guy got broken from inside . He left that place forever leaving a note for her.saying

It doesn’t matter if you love me or not, cause I love you for ever. It doesn’t matter you want to see me or not , but I can see you for ever. I just want to say , I Love You a lot and always want u to take care of yourself ,and the eyes which is now yours.   I will be  always be seeing you through your eyes if you get hurt remember it will hurt me so love yourself if you have loved me ever.

Reading this note she ran to his house , but it was too late he was gone forever.

Love of God

Once a man went to a barber shop to have his hair cut . While having his haircut the barber and the man had some conversation about God , and the barber told the man that he doesn’t believe in God it doesn’t exist .The man asked the barber back , “why did he think so ? “,and the barber replied.If God would have really existed then their wouldn’t have been so much poverty around this world . Their wouldn’t be pain anywhere . Suffering should have been ended . So he didn’t believe in God . Then the man didn’t say anything to him, he finished and left the shop. Continue reading

love quote

Love is the most powerful magic of this world.

Love make all thing possible.

Their are very less true thing in this world , One truth of Life is death and another is Love . Though this Life ends death comes but true Love never dies its beyond the death. As mine is for you.

Hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than hunger of bread.   Mother TereSa

Their is no limits to the power of loving.  John Morton

Love takes up where knowledge leaves off.  Thomas Aquinas

Love is the most beautiful gift of God , so he made angels to salute true Love .

Life is beautiful story written by God. I don’t know in which part of my story God kept you for me . And I wish, you to be in this story till God writes , The End.

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Feelings of Love

In this world their must be no one who has never fallen in love every creature falls in love.  Animals , birds ,  plants then why not man .

Sometimes it happens , we can’t find out what it is ? what should we call this feelings to be? We have got nothing than to find out ,might be it can be Love that you are not aware of .

When you have lots in your mind to tell him . But when he is in front of you, you just think is this thing okay to tell him will he not be bored listening to this thing .

Sometime his annoying behavior annoys you a lot that you just want to shout at him .But he is in front of you and you can do nothing cause you don’t want to hurt him at that time. Continue reading

The person who is in Love starts being a poet till some extend.

To express your Love, if u r short of ideas then a small tips, a hand made greeting with all your love message to your beloved one .Just to express how much you Love them and how important they are in your life .

After this hope your beloved respect your love and effort. Continue reading