Reasons I want to be with you

Reason why I think I should be with you :

-First of all you are the reason,I wake up every day thinking about you.

-When I am alone your thoughts bring smile to my face.

-You are the person who comes to my dream every night.

-You are the reason because of whom I have so much confidence in me .

-You are the person who was always their when I had the hard time.

-When I needed somebody to support me you held my hand.

-When I had something to worry about you worried a lot for me .

-You took all my problems as your own .

-When ever I was afraid you hold me tight.

-When I did wrong you scolded me as a kid .

-When I needed something you gave me as a father.

-When I was upset you supported me as a best friend.

-When everything went perfect you kissed me like a boyfriend.

-I Love it when I fall asleep in your arms beside you cause I know for a moment world is not gonna touch me.

In my wildest dream ,you always play the hero ,& in my darkest time you save my life.

& the most important thing why I want to be with you is because I LOVE YOU a lot.

It’s really amazing how you make me smile , even though you are out of my sight.

Love is not about getting the right one beside you, its about creating the right relationship,its not about how much Love you get or give in the beginning infact how much love you build till the end.

Its not that I picture rest of my life with you ———————————– Its just that I cant picture it  with any one else.

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