true love story

A boy and a girl best friends ..

both with lots of love and care  for each other .Didn’t knew when their friendship changed into Love. But who knew this relationship also  didnt have enough time to last .

The girl gets sick , they got to know the girl had a tumor in her head .

girl was in a very critical situation. They consulted with the doctor and the doctor told them that their was only one chance if she had a surgery, but they were told she may forget every thing till that time. At that moment boy just thought of her life and agreed for the girls operation.

It was the day for the operation . Boy  impatiently, wondering here and there around the hospital. Finally the doctor comes out from the operation theater , and tells the boy that the girl is out of danger.

Thanking God, he takes a deep breath . Next day he comes to meet his beloved . But unfortunately she couldn’t remember any thing. She couldn’t remember the boy nor his love . Everything gets blank .She feels  herself like a blank paper with nothing in her mind. Time passed on everyone who were near started giving up . They all started to accept her as she was now.

The boy tries his best ,to remind her  the time they spent together . He takes her to each and every place where they were related to , introduces all of his and her friends . He tries to collect all the bits and pieces of their memories. Just to help her to remember her past . But nothing came in use . She cries , she couldn’t remember any thing .

She started staying alone, locked  her up,her  smile were lost . But still the boy came up with surprises to please her . He did everything just for a bit of smile in her face , which made his whole day.

One day girl asks, for some time . ” Can u fulfill one of my wish “, Boy with a bright spark in his face , says ,” ya , please tell me , I can even die for you”. The girl says ” Leave me alone , don’t come to meet me from tomorrow”

Boy can say nothing , he leaves her alone and returns,  whole way thinking how  can he live without her. Next two three days he didn’t come to see her . Then girl started missing him she started thinking about him . Now she wanted to meet him . Then she tried his mobile . But it was switched off . Then she called one of his close friend . He told her that he was in hospital. She couldn’t stop herself , ran to meet him . Looked for him all over the hospital , but couldn’t find him. She prayed to God please give him back to her , she would not ask anything for whole her life. Finally, she found him lying on a  hospital bed . Girl with tears in her eyes went and hugged him . Crying asked him , how did it happen then he told her . She told him not to meet her again thinking about this he was walking and he got an accident . And he said , but now he was okay , cause she was near him . Then he says, if he knew if an accident would bring her back to him. Then he would be  ready to face this accident everyday.


Girl being shy , hits him lovingly and hugs him back . Girl :- her head in his arms slowly whispers , I am sorry , I can’t remember any of the things of the past , can you please accept me like this ? Boy:- tightens his hug , and says it doesn’t matter about our past , now you are with me we will make a beautiful present and future.

3 thoughts on “true love story

  1. MesmerizeGuy

    One thing i want to assure that what is me inside in ur heart in this world nobody can take place it.. And must say this story is end with loose by love and win by your and little bit of mine ego……………. Hasta la vista, baby……….

  2. Cass

    I think the story should’ve ended with the boy telling the girl, “Burn in hell, bitch! I don’t want you anymore!”


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